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Your story in the stars


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The Idea

Constellora allows you to draw your own constellation and tell your story in the night sky.

Using a simple toolset within a web interface, you will be able to connect the stars of your own constellation, name it and enter a story. Your constellation will be entered into our database and you can decide to share the constellation with the world or keep it private, only to be shared with those you choose.

You can dedicate the constellation to yourself, a special person, group or organization. They will be presented with a certificate on several types of media, such as paper, wood, metal or glass. The piece (cost to be determined) will show the constellation you created, the name and a synopsis of the story. Additional documentation will show you where and when to look for your constellation in the night sky to share with family and friends anytime it’s visible in the sky.

Great for astronomy or space buffs looking for that unique gift.

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Did you know…

With good eyesight,
about 9000 stars
are visible in the entire night sky.

That makes more than
55 followed by 32060 zeroes
constellation combinations.

(um…that’s a big number)



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